Scarborough Engineering


Halverson Silver Cloud 3

Custom fiberglass car body for vintage 1950's chassis. Maybe a new steering wheel.

New 16 foot fiberglass putt putt, outfitted with traditional timber deck and floors.

1953/54 BSA Bantom with original paint and stickers. Minor mechanical overhaul

1953/54 BSA Bantom with original paint and stickers. Minor mechanical overhaul

1930's land speed replica racing car with Rolls Royce engine

V12 Merlin Racing car painted and ready for final push to completion

1910 battern sean carvel 18 foot river launch. Lifetime spent in the Hawkesbury river area.

Sea Gull gets new ribs and refurbish for the Manly gang 2016

Re ribbing and rebuild of Toby II 2015

Ross's Dream. Restored 16 foot launch with original Stewart & Turner engine (Crank handle Start)

Red Cedar Fireplace Surround with fancy corbels & Granite hearthstone with Blue-gum trim

Australian Cedar computer work station with mirror finish stainless steel leg

Mollyduker Traditional timber boat in the yard for 2013 birthdate.

Major cabin rot, full rewire and general paint and maintenance.

Fibreglass 18 foot clinker putt putt hull

Rosewood & Birdseye Maple Carlo Bugatti inspired chair Young fellas first boat “planked in the school holidays”

Blue Gum slab table with sandstone plinths, (Photo left). Custom cafe fit-out, Norfolk Island Pine with Teak banding and edging (right)

Another 18 foot fibreglass clinker launch being fitted with timber deck beams for sale at any stage of completion

Custom built Australian red Cedar furniture

Centre Console Workboat for Empire Marina 2014


Scarborough Engineering

35 Tate Street

Gloucester NSW 2422

02-6558 2011

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