Photo Gallery

Enjoy the photos of classic timber boats being built or lovingly restored. Hundred year old 18 foot putt putt fitted with state of the art electric motor, 22 foot launch made in the sixties, fully restored and fitted with a Simplex engine and numerous other projects for you to dream and image. Are you ready to cruise or sail into the sunset?

This is just a small sample of some of the projects that we have built or lovingly restored for clients. Please enjoy! If you need any more information, or if you want to own a timber launch, classic yacht or wooden putt-putt, ring:

(02) 6558-2011


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  • Chapman-Super-Pup-3
  • Timber-Launch-101
  • Timber-Launch-102
  • Timber-Launch-103
  • Timber-Launch-104
  • Timber-Launch-105
  • Timber-Launch-106
  • Timber-Launch-107
  • Timber-Launch-108
  • Timber-Launch-109
  • Timber-Launch-110
  • Timber-Launch-111
  • Timber-Launch-112
  • Timber-Launch-113
  • Timber-Launch-114
  • Timber-Launch-115
  • Timber-Launch-116
  • Timber-Launch-117
  • Timber-Launch-118
  • Timber-Launch-119
  • Timber-Launch-120
  • Timber-Launch-121
  • Timber-Launch-122
  • Timber-Launch-123
  • Timber-Launch-124


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