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Project Boats for Sale

  • 25 foot Timber Pompie cabin cruiser ribs renailed hull restored and epoxy sheathed, cabin fitout is finished including teak sink cabinet and seat cabinet. New floors throughout. Can be bought as is or can be completed by Scarborough Engineering

  • 18 foot brand new Fibreglass clinker bare hull ready for pickup

  • 16 foot brand new Fibreglass put put hull ready for pickup

  • 16 foot Timber clinker blaxland launch well stored ready for restoration

  • 16 foot brand new put put hull, partially fitted out with bulkheads, floors, deck beams and carlins. Buy as is, or have us complete it for you.

Boat Parts for Sale


  • Twin Blaxland marine engine complete in nice condition with good compression, no exhaust or tank being sold as is
  • 30 hp yanmar complete with some new parts
  • Clae 5 HP single Stationary engine excellent condition
  • 4 cylinder ford prefect side valve maranised
  • Lister twin cylinder marine engine complete with hydraulic gearbox and box of spares.
  • 2 1/2 HP Simplex 2 stroke engine complete
  • Copper Simplex head gaskets (Brand new, now in stock)
  • Various Simplex parts available.
  • Various Blaxland parts available too numerous to list.
  • After market petrol tanks various sizes available (cannot be posted)
  • Couplings and clutches, all makes and models available in varying condition.
  • Single magnetos and twin magnetos, various makes and models available
  • Carburetors, second hand, complete and parts available.

Masts & Spars

  • 6 meter Oregon mast
  • 5.4 meter Spruce mastSecond hand sailing winches, various sizes available

Bronze Fittings

  • Bronze cleats and bow fittings
  • Bronze steering wheels
  • Second hand bronze portholes, various sizes available
  • Chrome bow fittings, various sizes
  • General boat chandlery
  • Bronze cowl vents, second hand. Numerous pairs, some singles. Ring to discuss your requirements.
  • Bronze opening portholes, various sizes and condition. Ring to discuss needs.


  • Square copper boat nails, numerous amounts and various sizes in stock buy now
  • Copper roves, all sizes in stock
  • Steering wheels, bronze and chromed
  • Second hand stainless steel tanks
  • Second hand propellers various sizes, numerous to choose from
  • Marlin boards
  • Timber oars

Sold Items

  • Twin Blaxland complete running engine and fuel tank (SOLD)
  • Beta Marine Diesel 3 cylinder 20 hp running engine, gauge panel, electric start and water exhaust (SOLD)
  • Twin Blaxland complete engine, suitable for parts motor. (SOLD)
  • 2 1/2 HP Acme 4 stroke engine complete and running, needs set of rings (SOLD)
  • Kelvin P2 10 hp marine engine complete, needs rebuild crank handle start, see you tube video. Great project, cool engine to add to the collection. (SOLD)
  • Vinco single cylinder 4 HP complete (cracked block) fix or use for parts (SOLD)
  • Twin Blaxland complete engine, suitable for parts motor. (SOLD)
  • 2 1/2 HP Acme 4 stroke engine complete and running, needs set of rings (SOLD)
  • Twin Stuart-Turner 12 HP ST4RE, needs new cylinder block. Engine & gearbox complete. (SOLD)
  • Bronze non opening portholes from an ocean liner. Brand new never been used, 12mm glass, great architectural statement piece for house or boat-shed. (SOLD)
  • Chromed Bronze boat winches, a pair (SOLD)
  • Aluminum mast and boom to suit 20 to 24 foot timber boat (SOLD)
  • Gunter rig, mast, boom and sail to suit boat to 5 meters (SOLD)
  • Mast, bowsprit and boom for Vee jay (SOLD) Various spars of different sizes and lengths
  • Seagull outboard (40 Plus short) Good compression, original receipt, original stickers (SOLD)
  • Seagull outboards, smaller engine, 3 to choose from, varying ages. (SOLD)
  • Vintage 2 Cylinder Yanmar, 1965 JIS F4301 Excellent working engine and gearbox, crank handle start (SOLD)
  • 4 1/4 HP Blaxland Putt Putt engine, running, factory barrel all complete (SOLD)
  • 3 1/2 HP Blaxland Putt Putt engine, fully restored with new factory barrel (bronze label) Never seen salt water, original factory documentation. Very rare opportunity to purchase. (SOLD)
  • 5 hp Simplex single cylinder engine. Bottom end of engine and gearbox all complete, only needs new barrel. (SOLD)
  • Blaxland putt-putt engine, single cylinder, professionally restored with brand new barrel and piston rings. (SOLD)
  • Chapman Super Pup 4 1/4 hp. Complete engine, good compression, rare model. (SOLD)
  • Chevrolet blue flame straight six, 1954 approx, excellent condition, running when removed. Complete engine and gearbox. (SOLD
  • Simplex 5 hp engine complete and running. (SOLD)
  • Clay F6, single cylinder, complete engine, needs restoration (SOLD)
  • Blaxland Chapman forward, neutral and reverse gearbox and mounting bracket. Suitable for Blaxland twin. Also comes with an installation manual. Rare extra for the twin. (SOLD)
  • Twin Cylinder Blaxland Engine, professionally reconditioned. New cylinder heads, pistons, water pump, bearings, bronze muffler box, magneto fully reconditioned. No expense spared, full receipts for all parts and labour. Motor has not been used since it was rebuilt, and has been in storage since then. Very rare opportunity to purchase a Blaxland with two new barrels. (SOLD)

Lots of other items available, second hand marlin boards, boat hooks, general boating stuff. Lots of hard to get items.

Call now on (02) 6558-2011 to discuss prices and your needs or wish list


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