Boat Parts for Sale


  • Vinco single cylinder 4 HP complete (cracked block) fix or use for parts
  • Twin Stuart-Turner 12 HP ST4RE, needs new cylinder block. Engine & gearbox complete. Good restoration project.
  • Clay F6, single cylinder, complete engine, needs restoration (SOLD)
  • Chevrolet blue flame straight six, 1954 approx, excellent condition, running when removed. Complete engine and gearbox. Click here for images (SOLD)
  • Chapman Super Pup 4 1/4 hp. Complete engine, good compression, rare model. See Gallery2 for images.
  • Simplex 5 hp engine complete and running. (SOLD)
  • Blaxland putt-putt engine, single cylinder, professionally restored with brand new barrel and piston rings. (SOLD)
  • 5 hp Simplex single cylinder engine. Bottom end of engine and gearbox all complete, only needs new barrel. (SOLD)
  • Twin Blaxland complete engine. Needs new barrells and rebuild, Parts available.
  • 3 1/2 HP Blaxland Putt Putt engine, fully restored with new factory barrel (bronze label) Never seen salt water, original factory documentation. Very rare opportunity to purchase. (SOLD)
  • 2 1/2 HP Acme 4 stroke engine complete and running, needs set of rings
  • 2 1/2 HP Simplex 2 stroke engine complete
  • 4 1/4 HP Blaxland Putt Putt engine, running, factory barrel all complete (SOLD)
  • Vintage 2 Cylinder Yanmar, 1965 JIS F4301 Excellent working engine and gearbox, crank handle start (SOLD)
  • Seagull outboards, smaller engine, 3 to choose from, varying ages.
  • Seagull outboard (40 Plus short) Good compression, original receipt, original stickers (SOLD)
  • Seagull outboard (silver centary long) Larger engine and manuals
  • Copper Simplex head gaskets (Brand new, now in stock)
  • Various Simplex parts available.
  • Various Blaxland parts available too numerous to list.
  • After market petrol tanks various sizes available (cannot be posted)
  • Couplings and clutches, all makes and models available in varying condition.
  • Single magnetos and twin magnetos, various makes and models available
  • Carburetors, second hand, complete and parts available.

Masts & Spars

  • 6 meter Oregon mast
  • 5.4 meter Spruce mast
  • Mast, bowsprit and boom for Vee jay (SOLD)
  • Gunter rig, mast, boom and sail to suit boat to 5 meters (SOLD)
  • Various spars of different sizes and lengths
  • Aluminium mast and boom to suit 20 to 24 foot timber boat (SOLD)
  • Second hand sailing winches, various sizes available
  • Chromed Bronze boat winches, a pair (SOLD)

Bronze Fittings

  • Bronze cleats and bow fittings
  • Bronze steering wheels
  • Second hand bronze portholes, various sizes available
  • Chrome bow fittings, various sizes
  • General boat chandlery
  • Bronze non opening portholes from an ocean liner. Brand new never been used, 12mm glass, great architectural statement piece for house or boat-shed
  • Bronze cowl vents, second hand. Numerous pairs, some singles. Ring to discuss your requirements.
  • Bronze opening portholes, various sizes and condition. Ring to discuss needs.


  • Square copper boat nails, numerous amounts and various sizes in stock buy now
  • Copper roves, all sizes in stock
  • Steering wheels, bronze and chromed
  • Second hand stainless steel tanks
  • Second hand propellers various sizes, numerous to choose from
  • Marlin boards
  • Timber oars

Lots of other items available, second hand marlin boards, boat hooks, general boating stuff. Lots of hard to get items.

Call now on (02) 6558-2011 to discuss prices and your needs or wish list