14 foot fibreglass putt-putt

Traditional timber Putt-Putt, batten seamed carvel, needs full restoration, suit single cylinder Blaxland or Simplex engine. Stylish shape with traditional seats and Pintel rudder. Call us on 6558-2011

14 foot fibreglass putt-putt

Beautiful classic style river launch with deep keel and traditional low cabin. Very stylish, needs full restoration and new engine. Lovely day boat for Sydney Harbour, Pittwater or any river environment. Construction is battern seamed carvel plancked on steam bent frames. Only one available, will not last long, there's the used car salesman comming out in me, would like to see it go to a good home. Can be modified to suit your requirements. Call us on 6558-2011

14 foot fibreglass putt-putt

16 foot original Blaxland open boat from 1954 - 1960 catalogue. Requires full restoration and motor. A rare opportunity to own a piece of maritime history. Lovely shape and lines, would suit somebody wanting to put it on a trailer. Only 1 in stock, be quick!!

19 foot batten seamed carvel launch

19 foot batten seamed carvel launch. Built in Forster in the 1950's, white Beech hull on hardwood frames, 50 cent piece wheelhouse with timber slat seats. Requires new engine and finishing, first to see will buy, be quick! Limited stock. Seriously, will be a beautifully restored timber launch, can be trailer-ed.

19 foot open launch, 1930's

(SOLD) 19 foot open launch, 1930's. Double planked, canoe stern. One of a fleet of Maritime Services Board boats, designed to check pylons on Sydney Harbor's many wharves. Requires a full restoration and re-power. Slender and long as per the era. One of a kind, very rare, manageable on a trailer. Have this one restored and take it to the regattas or shows.

22 foot, 1940's river launch

22 foot, 1940's river launch. Oregon planked carvel construction, originally powered by twin simplex with curved front cabin and raised central wheelhouse. Sunk on mooring at Scotland Island, re-floated and saved by Scarborough Engineering and brought to the workshop for restoration. Help us to help you, invest in a classic.

25 foot, retro, timber sedan cruiser.

25 foot, retro, timber sedan cruiser. Built 1938 with original engine supplied from Halvosen, original fit-out from 1938, very rare. Carvel planked in hardwood and oregon. Needs full restoration and re-power. Maritime Australia should be able to help us track down its history. An absolute gem that must be saved. White hull, varnished cabin sides, rear day beds, what's there not to love?

1940's raised deck timber yacht

(Just Arrived) 1940's battern seamed carvel launch. Beautiful lines, lovely day boat. Needs full restoration and motor, would look great on a trailer in your garage ready for a great day on the water. A must purchase for the enthusiast. I really like this boat, will not be here long. Ring for appointment to discuss your requirements. The team at Scarborough Engineering are looking forward to restoring this classic boat